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We are leader in the development of automated systems! We develop high-precision algorithms. We specialize on software for MT4 and MT5. Experience in programming in MQL4, C/C ++, SQL, Java is more than 15 years. Experience in trading currency more than 10 years. We do not provide brokerage and investment services, but we are developers:)
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Hello! My Name is Konstantin. I am the creator of the project PRO FOREX EA. The project is created to help other traders earn profits.  I have been trading in the forex market since 2007.  It took me several years to develop my own profitable trading strategy.  I have been a successful trader for the past few years. The forex market opens unique opportunities for earning high profits. Working in the forex market, I gained freedom and financial independence. Join the project PRO FOREX EA and you can gain financial independence.

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First, look at the results of our robot's work.

This is a unique algorithm that analyzes the Trade Volume  on the market(VSA)

Monitoring workPRO VSA EA

Average profit in 2019 is 63.4%

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We made the algorithm available not only for institutional traders

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Download the free demo version and you will be make sure that you can make money by trading on Forex!

If you want to test the demo version of our product, then write to our Chat bot or Enter Email! Chat bot in Social Media is much faster mail 😉 Getting the link will take less than 1 minute 😉

Please do not test EA on your PC! Use professional VPS for trading. If you do not have VPS, let us know!

Why you must using Forex Robot?

Have you longed to start earning money in the forex market? Or do you want to start earning a steady income? Profitable Expert Adviser for the forex market – an excellent solution!

Forex Expert Advisor – This is a specialized program created on the programming language for working on a given trading strategy. This fully automatic program is installed in the trading terminal Metatrader 4. If you are new to the forex market and absolutely do not understand anything, you can start earning today! You just need to understand how to make the installation.


A profitable trading robot can bring in more than 250% per annum. No bank can give such a profit. After installing the advisor, you do not have to participate in the trade, spend your nerves, worry and be disappointed. The trading robot is fully automated and fully optimized for profitable trading with any of the brokers that we recommend. If you want to work with another broker, write to us and we will try to help you.  We provide for you a demo version. Once installed, you can test the robot in real time.


S Trading with Forex Expert Advisor is the best way to increase the profit of your trade. Using our expert you have the opportunity to immediately start trading on a profitable trading strategy. The trading strategy has been tested by many of our customers. Also, you can evaluate the results of trading by installing a demo version. The trading robot takes all the work on complex calculations and secure money management. The trading robot never sleeps, he will work 24/5.

Quick 5 minute installation
Full automatically trade
Stable income
High reliability
Minimal risk
Work 24/5
No psychological stress
Suitable for beginners


The secret to the success of our trading strategy – to follow the market maker.

VSA – advanced strategy. Concept is rather new and is gaining wide popularity.Previously, only market makers used this strategy

One of the few robots that Real Work.

Very Impressive Results! But what is more impressive is the current Live Results. OUR EA PROFFESIONAL TOOL, tested in real time. Please, check Demo Version For Verification in Real Time!

PRO VSA EA #1 First Robot Which use VSA ANALYSIS!

How Download ProVsaEa 

How Install ProVsaEa 

About Strategy

Once the seed of interest were sown hours were spent searching the net and watching clips on Youtube. The journey was full of obstacles. There was hardly any clear cut information available. Most were sales talks with sketchy information. Then hours were spent studying the charts and formulating rules. The rules were coded to check the validity of these rules. Some Traderji friend stepped in and there were some real time checks for these rules. Thus we came up with our own interpretation of the “Volume spread analysis”. The main principles of our strategy: Price and volume, Cause and Effect, Effort and Result.

PRO VSA EA – uses a complex authorial trading strategy. Therefore, we can not disclose our trade secret. But we will try to explain the main principles of the strategy. We have a special tariff plan, according to which it is possible to obtain a strategy in an open form. You should understand that creating a trading strategy is a very long and hard work.

How does the market maker move the market? MM basically moves the market in four phases as follows:

  • Accumulation
  • Markup
  • Distribution
  • Mark Down

These are the 4 key stages of our strategy. Now I’ll talk about each in more detail …


EA Tracks large accumulation areas. Usually these zones are limited to two levels. Closer to the lower level,  Market Maker (MM) buys at a low price, and closer to the upper level, it will be possible to sell at high prices. To begin with, EA remembers the upper and lower level, inside the zone. EA will probably open transactions at the boundaries of the zone or within the zone. The next step, inside the accumulation zone, EA creates a price markup and distribution, according to which the market maker most often makes deals. This is a very difficult stage. Data is not available for public access. We use our own algorithm, which is designed specifically for our strategy. At the last stage, the fun begins. Based on all the information obtained earlier, EA can estimate the Mark DownWhen the Market Maker has disposed off most of the accumulated currency they start the most dramatic move of crashing down the prices. Suddenly supply comes in plenty overwhelming the demand. The price starts tumbling. The spreads dramatically widen. There is panic selling from investors. But the prices drop so rapidly and most of the investors and green horns that entered late never get a chance to off load there holdings.  But at this point we are likely to be in the market and will be able to get a profit! And many other traders have just lost their money.

There are 6 easy steps

  • Download Demo Version

  • Rent VPS Server

  • Open Demo/Real account or use the previously opened

  • Setup EA in Metatrader 4

  • Read the user manual

  • Watch EA trade!

Unique strategy

Revolutionary trading strategycreated from a blank leaf making it the market leader. You never can find a similar system freely available, Algorithms have a high degree of protection from decoding and copyrighted. ……………………………………………………………………………….

Monitoring + Demo Version

PRO VSA EA has lots of monitoring work, some of which are as old and new controls. In addition, you are provided with a free demo version, for an unlimited period, so you can personally verify the excellent work of expert advisor!

New level of trade

When using PRO VSA EA you safely get out of those 95% of traders who lose money. You will find a completely different understanding of the forex. Already after a few weeks of use, you clearly understand how to calculate profit on the market, and that it requires.

No questionable trade strategies

PRO VSA EA – fast and accurate. It is this which must be profitable forex expert advisor. His strategy is not used dangerous methods of technical analysis or Martingale.


All risks under constant control

EA have unique Broker Controle Module. This module allows you to keep all market risks under constant control. All the details we will tell about it further.



Lifetime Support

During the entire time that you are working with our advisor, we provide you with professional support and help you earn! By keeping in touch with us, you will learn the correct techniques of trade on the forex market and able to have a steady income!

Full Control  Execution Speed, Slippage, Leverage and EA lot size

macbook background

We’ve designed a first of its kind “Broker Full Control Module”. We spent over 2000 hours in developing and refining this powerful tool with one primary goal – to protect your capital and you from unethical brokers: cheating you with high negative slippage, high spreads or delayed order execution. Now you will be able to monitor every minute whether your broker is stealing from you.

We use a unique algorithm to close the position. Thanks to this algorithm, we do not hold positions for a long time. We open the deal during the exact signal and close it when the signal weakens. Thus, we get a profit. The number of profitable trades is always greater than losing trades.

We can never foresee when a broker will start trading against customers. For this, we have implemented an algorithm for hidden levels of stop loss and take profit. The EA remembers the levels for each transaction and stores them in memory. Due to this, the broker does not see them. But we also use the usual stop loss and take profit to protect against loss of communication. 

We also use the smart locking system, which allows you to avoid short trades and hold trades indefinitely. Thanks to this, the broker will not have questions about your trading strategy.

The Advisor will not open transactions when the current spread is above the set value. This is a very important function in the VSA strategy trade. The current value of the spread is an important indicator when deciding to open a trade.

If the slippage or execution time is higher than the value set in the settings, the EA will stop trading. This will protect your deposit from possible losses.

In addition to a fixed lot size, you can use a smart lot management system, a percentage of the deposit that you are ready to lose in case of failure. This will make earning profit faster.

Are You Looking for A Rock-Solid, Accurate & Reliable Trading Tool that Really Work? PRO VSA EA is the Exact Tool You Need!


Follow the modern developments and use them to your advantage!