Konstantin Boykachev

CEO Proforexea LLC

Honest Coder

Professional Trader


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Konstantin Boykachev

CEO Proforexea LLC

Honest Coder

Professional Trader

About Me

Hi✌️ I'm Konstantin Boykachev.
If you have come to this site, it means you are already a client of our project or you have heard something about our trading robot PRO VSA EA 🦾

I now regret to inform you that further development of the project has been halted 😪 

I have released the latest version of the software for all tariff plans. Version 7.0 is the final version of the algorithm.

If you still haven't received the latest version, message me on Telegram and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.

  • Age: 34
  • Residence: Austria

The reason

I have sincerely, without any selfishness or deceit made and continued to make my product better. There was a lot of competition jealousy and problems with brokers who were afraid of my algorithm during all this time, but I and my team together with you have managed it.

The suspension of my project is a forced measure.

Some of my clients have earned several tens of thousands of dollars, other clients on the contrary have had problems with some "Forex Brokers".
In 2020, despite the difficult circumstances around the world due to the pandemic, high market volatility and a lot of positive feedbacks about our product from friends and acquaintances, the project was much more successful than in 2018/19. The start of 2021 is no exception.
Because of this, many envious people and competitors have set up forums, websites, Telegram Channels, and social networking sites to sell "license versions" of Pro VSA EA. All of this scam, which makes me think every time why I try to create a unique and unparalleled product on the market if it will still get hacked?

The main problem with any project that was created even 2-3 years ago is the use of technology that is obsolete today. I am now facing exactly the same problem, the current Pro Vsa EA trading robot is built on outdated license validation technology, so the only sure way to protect your algorithm is to create it from scratch.

But I still haven't decided whether to create this algorithm from scratch, as it is a huge job requiring several hundred of my hours....

Over the years, while I was developing the project my spheres of interest have expanded considerably, I discovered many new areas of development other than forex trading. The whole world is moving towards global automation, people are now automating absolutely everything and the pace of automation is only getting faster...

What next?

Although some young traders who came to the market yesterday and tomorrow want to earn a million dollars, without even trying to understand what a VPS server is, how trading happens, what parameters of the algorithm affect the result, called me a scammer, as well as those who have fallen victim to cheaters in Telegram and bought a hacked version.... I'm not backing out of my commitments.

All current licenses have continued to work and will continue to work. If you are an existing customer and your license doesn't work, you need to message me on telegram - https://t.me/devprovsabot

I have released the final version 7.0. 

I won't be online all the time now as I was before, but I can still help you with advice or assistance. Email me and I will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

What if I want to buy a licence?

Do you need it?)
If you decide you need it. Then you can buy the final version. Scroll down the page below and you'll see the current plans.
I want to warn you right away that this is the final version of Algorithm 7.0. No further updates are currently planned.

Also, if you are new to forex and want me to help you figure out how to trade forex - I recommend you consider another algorithm to buy. As the amount of technical support from my side will be minimal.

I am only willing to cooperate with professionals who understand exactly what they are doing and why they need to buy my trading robot.

$ 1999 $
  • MT4 + MT5 EA
  • 10 Trading Accounts
  • Currency
$ 3999 hour
  • MT4 + MT5 EA
  • 10 Trading Accounts
  • Currency, Crypto, Index