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Konstantin Boykachev

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EUR4H Trading System Review


trading system EUR4HOn March 1, 2017, ForexClub (a partner of the FxCash rebate service) has introduced a new, 5th EUR4H automatic trading system. This is a non-indicator strategy that works within a day by candlesticks in accordance with the Price Action principle. Price Action is based on the analysis of price behavior and the patterns that it forms. The strategy is trending, its goal is to take a small profit in a growing (falling) market due to frequent market entries. On average, one position is held in the market for 4-5 hours.

Planned performance indicators (testing 6 months):

  • income 12.9%;
  • number of deals – 81;
  • the maximum drawdown is 13.6%.

The system works effectively only with EUR / USD on the 4H timeframe, the risk per trade is no more than 2%. Manual control of the system takes 15-60 minutes a day, the number of transactions within a day is 1-3 transactions.

Actual performance indicators for March (deposit – 10 thousand US dollars):

  • profit 0.93%;
  • number of open trades – 11 (4 profitable, 7 unprofitable);
  • the most profitable position – 3.5%, the most unprofitable – 1.6%

Trading system EUR4H – trend strategy based on candlestick analysis

The peculiarity of the system is that indicators are used in it only once a month to assess the average daily volatility, according to which orders will be placed. Calculation principle:

  • Take Profit = ATR value (21) on the last day of the month / per Fibonacci ratio;
  • Stop Loss = ATR value (21) on the last day of the calendar month.

A buy signal is a breakout of the resistance level, which is defined as a cluster of 5 4H bars, where the middle bar has the highest maximum value. If none of the closing orders is triggered, the position is closed forcibly. If the order is triggered, upon reaching the planned profit level, the stop loss is moved to the breakeven level.

The EUR4H trading system is available for free in a test mode for 2 weeks. To gain access, you need to place an application on the broker’s website. In the future, the use of the system is possible when subscribing to the Forex Club online store or replenishing the deposit for 5 thousand dollars. USA. The package also includes a system for automatic delivery of trading signals for the Subscriber Metatrader. Every month on the broker’s website you can see a video report on the results of the system’s operation, as well as ask questions to its author, Alexei Paliy.

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