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Nobel Portfolios from ForexClub |


In previous articles, we talked about trading systems formed by ForexClub experts. “Bonsai”, “Half a square”, “EUR4H” – everyone can connect to the systems. A trading system is a tested strategy built on specific technical indicators for specific market conditions. It can give high profits as well as high risks. To minimize risks, ForexClub Academy experts once a quarter form an investment portfolio from the instruments for which the highest profit is expected.

Investment portfolio formation principles:

  • the portfolio is formed in accordance with a specific risk management strategy, taking into account the percentage of the forecast and profit, the potential for profitability for the quarter and year;
  • the composition of the portfolio is changing all the time, but the planned indicators of risk management remain at the planned level;
  • the investor receives accompanying signals to optimize the performance of the portfolio (the investor can adjust its parameters himself), the portfolio performance report is provided every week.

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“Nobel Portfolios” – Harry Markowitz’s investment portfolio

Back in the 1990s, the American professor and economist G. Markovitz proposed a unique model for the formation of an investment portfolio. The Nobel laureate’s approach is based on the analysis of average expected values ​​and variations of random variables. In simple terms, Markowitz was the first to propose building a portfolio with a wide range of asset classes, the proportion of which is determined by statistical models. Anyone can get acquainted with the principles of using statistics and higher mathematics on the Internet by request.

The operation of the Nobel Portfolios trading system is reduced to finding the most profitable assets and distributing shares in accordance with mathematical and statistical optimization rules that minimize volatility and risk. The direct and inverse correlation of assets is taken into account, which reduces risks in the event of global economic shocks.

  • The decision to open and close positions is made by the portfolio author. The time required for an investor to analyze copyright signals and monitor tactics is about an hour a month.

The investment portfolio “Nobel Portfolios” is available to every trader when replenishing a deposit of 5000 dollars. USAIt is recommended to increase the minimum balance for a conservative portfolio.

Portfolio characteristics:

  • conservative… Profitability 10% per year, annual risk (calculated drawdown) – 12%;
  • moderate. Profitability 24-27% per year, annual risk – 24%;
  • aggressive. The yield is 36-60% per year, the annual risk is 35%.

A set of underlying assets included in the portfolio structure: gold and silver, liquid currency pairs (5 pairs, including XAU / USD), CFDs on Apple shares, Wall-Mart (about 10-15 blue chips), NASDAQ100, S & P500 indices.

Summary… Working with “Nobel Portfolios” provides for passive investment with periodic monitoring of the investor’s trading. Unlike highly specialized trading systems, “Nobel Portfolios” are a balanced investment instrument with moderate returns, which is based not on technical indicators, but on mathematical and statistical analysis. Ask your questions to ForexClub analysts and earn on spread return with FxCash!


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