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Konstantin Boykachev

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ReticoloFX Expert Advisor Review |


In the treasury of the broker, which is a partner of the FxCash rebate service, the advisor of the ReticoloFX advisor is at the very last step in profitability. On a test account for 6 months, he showed a profit of 7.36%. But on the professional forums of traders, on the contrary, it is referred to as very interesting and profitable. Back in 2012, the robot was classified as a paid one (about $ 200). Today it is so popular that you can download it for free.

ReticoloFX Expert Advisor – a grid strategy on any trend

The principle of operation of this advisor is based on the formation of a grid of orders in the direction of a strong price chart with subsequent hedging (insurance) of the position. The entire basket of open positions (the advisor is multicurrency and works with several currency pairs at once). The task of the trader is to set the grid and risk management parameters and this can only be done empirically, there are no universal advice on setting up.

How the advisor works ReticoloFX:

  • the position is opened in the direction of the strong direction of the price every X points (grid step set by the trader). The grid step is directly proportional to the volatility of the asset;
  • in parallel, all open positions are hedged, that is, they are opened in the opposite direction. Instead of averaging tactics, the EA uses the principle of increasing, that is, the next position along the trend is opened in an increased volume.

It is better to stop the grid at the moment of flat, because hedging takes the lion’s share of potential profit. On a strong trend, its direction is not important – the robot works both for the growth and decline of quotations.

Trading conditions:

  • currency pairs – any, from liquid to “exotic”;
  • timeframe – Н4;
  • a grid of orders for currency pairs – 3 or 7 pairs.

The uniqueness of the robot is a circular grid of currency pairs forming the basket. It is clearer what is meant is shown in the figure.

ReticoloFX robot

Depending on the set of currency pairs, the EA is divided into components: 2 baskets and 6 rings. In order not to get confused, which Expert Advisor is for which pair, below is another figure.

There is no need to correct the code or modify the Expert Advisor – it is complicated, so there is a chance of breaking its structure. An important condition for working with a robot is compliance with risk management: 0.01 lot per 1000 units for each basket or ring. When working with all 8 rings, the deposit must be at least 8000 units, therefore a cent account is more suitable for this advisor, since not every trader is ready to invest at least $ 8000 in trading. USA.

Summary… The ReticoloFX Expert Advisor is another non-standard robot, from which you can squeeze much more than the results stated on the test account. Its only drawback is the need for constant monitoring, but the robot removes the psychological stress perfectly. The settings change at the time of trading. They may seem daunting at first due to a misunderstanding of how baskets and ring grids are formed. Follow our drawing and don’t be afraid to experiment. The recommended testing period is 150-200 trades.


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