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Konstantin Boykachev

CEO Proforexea LLC

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Review of the robot constructor System Creator for MT4. Introduction


Expert Advisor Constructor

There are two options for developing an automated trading system: writing a code using a ready-made algorithm with input data and creating an Expert Advisor using constructors. The first option is easier, but you pay not only for creating the code, but also for its subsequent revision. You can optimize an Expert Advisor created on your own on the constructor for free as much as you like and you do not need to know the code.

System Creator is one of the best and most functional advisor constructors for MT4, with which you can create combined complex algorithms. The program is not easy, but the more interesting it is.

In this multi-part article series, you will learn about the following:

Several helpful reviews and article series that might interest you:

  • A brief overview of System Creator – a few words about what a constructor is.
  • Review of MT4 tester FxBlue is the first part of a series of reviews of working with the manual strategy tester. Before creating an Expert Advisor using a manual algorithm in System Creator, test this algorithm in this program.
  • Forex Simulator Tester Review is the first part of a series of reviews for another interesting manual strategy tester.
  • The MT4 tester review is the first part of a cycle of reviews of the tester built into the platform, which allows you to test expert advisors. Useful for running a robot created on the constructor.

Installing the System Creator Expert Advisor

Download the archive of the Expert Advisor Builder here. Run the installation file, the program will install itself within 2-3 minutes. If everything went well, a window like this will appear:


There may be nuances depending on the operating system. For example, the constructor is incompatible with some versions of Windows. The problem is solved either by searching for another installation archive, or by installing another version of Windows. System Creator is compatible with version 8.1 for sure.

Not used to English – install Russian. From the top menu, click View / Language. After selecting the language, restart the program using the .exe file from the archive.

Program interface:


  • Red – field of saved strategies. Since no strategy has been created yet, the field is empty.
  • Blue is the toolbox. It will be discussed in detail in the following reviews. From here it will be possible to directly export a ready-made Expert Advisor to MT4.
  • Green – access to strategies. Creation of a new strategy, opening a saved one or opening strategies incorporated in the constructor of advisors by its developers.
  • Yellow – ready-made demo strategies.
  • Black – Autosave control. Later, a journal will appear below, similar to the journal of transactions in MT4.

You will get acquainted with how to set up System Creator before generating the code of advisors and its functionality in the next review.


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