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Konstantin Boykachev

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Review of the robot constructor System Creator for MT4. Part 2


creation of trading advisors

System Creator is a program for creating MT4 trading advisors based on built-in indicators. Its functionality allows you to take into account all the details of trading conditions, from slippage and the size of the spread to swaps and the terms of the risk management policy. In the previous overview, you got acquainted with the main control panel tabs and strategy settings. In this overview, you will learn how to set the strategy input to generate an Expert Advisor.

Creation of expert advisors without knowledge of the code

The main parameters of the strategy in accordance with the trading conditions of the broker and the parameters of risk management are set in the “Control Panel” in the “Symbols” and “Acceptability” tabs. One of the slippery points is the slippage parameter, which cannot be predicted in the real market. Therefore, this criterion can be configured in another tab – “Trader / Settings”.


The option “autoslipping depending on the spread” allows you to adjust the slippage level in accordance with the current volatility. If the current volatility coincides with the average, slippage will not be taken into account in the strategy. You can uncheck the box and set the estimated slippage manually. This makes sense if an Expert Advisor is being developed that opens trades only at the moment of the start of strong volatility (news trading).

Bar Close option – activates the function of opening a deal a few seconds before the candle closes. This may be of interest to scalpers. Since the tick of a new candle may come with a delay, opening a trade at the last ticks of the current candle saves a few seconds.

Other tabs of the “Trader” menu:

  • Expert Advisor – here you can set the directory where the generated Expert Advisors will be saved.
  • Autostart – setting up automatic launch of the terminal and strategies.

After the input data are set in the “Control Panel” and the quotes are loaded, we proceed to creating a strategy. Do not forget to monitor the current Active Profile. It has the ability to switch when changing windows (developers flaw).

After pressing the button “New strategy” we get to the menu of the section “Builder” in the tab “Editor”.


Step 1. Setting up the top menu. The following functions are available in the top menu (red rectangle):

  • Change Active Profile.
  • Editing data sources (quotes).
  • Choosing a currency pair strategy.
  • Choosing a timeframe for the strategy.
  • Interpolation method (on the screen – Pessimistic)
  • Adding a strategy to the repository collection.

The interpolation method determines the principle of closing a deal. For example, a trade is opened inside a candle, the stop and take profit levels are inside it. When Pessimistic is set, the stop is triggered first, when Optimistic is set – take profit. Shortest – the deal will be closed according to what is encountered first during the tick price movement inside the candle. Nearest – a deal will be closed by an order that will be closer to the point of its opening. Random – the deal is closed on a “how lucky” basis.

Step 2. Filling in the properties of the strategy… Go to the “Strategy” window. It consists of three logical blocks, each of which opens when you click on it with the left mouse button.


  • Strategy Properties block. Here you can specify the parameters of the volume of the position to be opened, the change in the volume for subsequent transactions, the levels of stop, take profit and breakeven, the Martingale coefficient.
  • Position opening point block. Indicators used in the strategy and their settings are indicated here. For example, in the screenshot below, Bollinger Bands and AC are selected. The conditions for opening a deal are also indicated here. For example, BB has two options: opening a “long” when the price touches the upper border of the channel or the lower one. The settings do not provide for opening a “short” – it is assumed that the conditions for a short position are mirror-like. There is also no intermediate condition. For example, open a trade when the median of the channel crosses. These are the disadvantages of System Creator.


You can see all the input data on the strategy in the “Input parameters” window, below them a chart with installed indicators is added (two of them are added on the screen). On the right is the graph of the ratio of the balance curve and equity (in this case, it is very sad, since a complete drawdown was allowed, and the account statistics also show not the best numbers).

  • Block “Logical condition of closing”. The moment of closing the deal is indicated here.

The creation of trading advisors in System Creator is based on the “Logical group”, which combines multiple conditions for entering the market. The constructor allows you to create a robot that will open positions on several strategies with different signal search policies. The only question is whether it should be done. After all, not all strategies are successful. And then it makes sense to create advisors that work only on one specific principle, weed out non-working ideas and combine those strategies that have shown profit into a single trading system.

The created strategy is saved via the “File / Save As …” menu.

In this overview, we looked at an example of creating a strategy from the available input. The next review will consider the mechanism of its creation by the method “by contradiction”.


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