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Konstantin Boykachev

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Review of the robot constructor System Creator for MT4. Part 3


strategy builder

In the previous review, you learned how to create trading systems using the System Creator strategy builder based on input parameters – indicators, stop and take profit levels, slippage, spread, swaps, etc. But what if all this is not there? To solve this issue, a generator is needed.

Strategy Builder: settings for generating trading systems

In the left menu “Control Panel” select the “Generator” tab. In appearance, it resembles the “Editor” discussed in the previous article.


Top Menu Settings:

  • General – general generator settings. Here you can set the levels of pending orders. Limiting the “slots” of opening and closing is the maximum number of conditions that must be met to open or close a trade.
  • Settings – selection of the best strategies according to different criteria: minimum drawdown, profit factor, etc. An important parameter is the maximum time for generating a strategy. The larger it is, the better the strategy will be. According to user reviews, you need to set at least 360 minutes for the daily interval. During this time, 1-2 of the generated strategies will turn out to be acceptable (however, it is still worth improving them). For an hourly interval, generation can take several days.

Important! System Creator is not perfect. Although it has the ability to work with short intervals, in practice it is better not to mess with them. Firstly, advisors are in most cases non-working. Secondly, it takes a lot of time to create them. The program is suitable for developing and generating Expert Advisors working on timeframes from H4 and higher.

  • Indicators – a list of indicators that will be used by the strategy builder when enumerating all possible options. If you think that some indicator is not working, you can exclude it. The more indicators are involved, the longer the generation will take.
  • Out of processing – the number of quotes used for testing. It makes no sense to run the constructor over the entire historical period – for a representative sample, you can set the parameter 20%.

And the final touch is blocking, a prohibition on changing individual strategy parameters specified in blocks. For example, if it is important for you that the AC indicator must be used in the strategy, double-click on the corresponding block – a lock should appear in the upper right corner.


Press the button “Start” in the lower panel and wait for the result. Generation can last from a few minutes to several days.


The generated strategies are saved in the “View / Storage” directory. Go to the menu, select “Local repository” (the “online repository” stores the strategies of the constructor developers). In the right window there is a window for filtering generated strategies by Sharpe ratio, minimum drawdown, etc. The central window displays strategies that match the filter parameters. You can specify the order of output (for example, in descending order of criteria). The same window will display the equity chart.


At the bottom right is the “Account Statistics / Strategy Slots” switch. The first option displays statistics on the results of the strategy (backtest) in the right window, the second – the conditions involved. Double-click on a strategy of interest with the left mouse button to get detailed statistics on it.

Analysis of generated strategies:

  • Assessment of the deposit curve. If it at least once reached a level below 50% of the deposit, if by the end of testing the upward movement turned into a downward one, the strategy is deleted.
  • Assessment of statistical indicators. Here the approach is individual. For example, someone is satisfied with 5 consecutive losing trades, someone is not.
  • Testing selected strategies in the MT4 tester in the forward section (on the last part of quotes).

According to user reviews, out of 500 generated strategies, a maximum of 50-60 can be selected for forward testing. Of these, 80-90% fail. Whether it is worth spending time generating strategies and evaluating them for the sake of 5-6 trading systems that work with varying success is up to you.

In the next review, attention will be paid to the optimization of the strategies generated by the constructor.


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