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Konstantin Boykachev

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Review of the robot constructor System Creator for MT4. Part 4


Optimizing strategies

In previous reviews, you met:

The next step is testing the created strategies and optimizing them. You will learn how to do this in System Creator in this overview.

Optimizing strategies in System Creator

Why optimize strategies:

  • For a perfect fit in the forward section.
  • To find the best combination of parameters at the moment, suitable for the market volatility.
  • To exclude “roughness”. The strategy obtained on one currency pair should work no less effectively under other conditions (on another pair, on a different timeframe).

In System Creator, you can optimize not only strategies created in the constructor, but also those that have already been launched on a real account.

In the top menu in the “New Strategy” tab, go to the “Optimizer” tab.


There are few settings. Set the checkboxes on the required options, select the criterion by which the strategy will be optimized, set the parameters of the indicators used and start the process using the “Start” button.

Optimizing a strategy is a creative activity and depends solely on the patience of a trader. Adjusting the strategy to the best results according to different criteria will never give a perfect trading system. The strategy can be optimized for maximum profit, but have a 90% drawdown (closing a trade by stop-out). The strategy can work well in a volatile market and give a loss in a flat. Optimization is endless.

The most annoying thing is that a fully optimized system does not necessarily show the same results on a real account. It is impossible to accurately predict the level of slippage or the maximum widening of the spread. There is always a factor of force majeure or the influence of market makers.

Save the finished strategy as an advisor: “Strategy / Save as an advisor”.

Constructor advantages System Creator:

  • Not a bad simulator, which shows the degree of influence on the effectiveness of the strategy of one or another criterion.
  • Helper program. Although it takes a long time, it is better than developing a trading system from scratch.
  • Multifunctionality. This is a strategy editor and a tester in one program. And it’s free!

Disadvantages of the constructor System Creator:

  • The program is designed to develop strategies and advisors for H4 timeframes and higher.
  • A large percentage of defects. The program works according to the established algorithm, therefore most of the created strategies are incompetent. Whether it is worth spending time on generating and optimizing strategies, or is it easier to create your own trading system, run it in the MT4 tester and order code for it is a rhetorical question.
  • There are bugs. However, they are also in MT4.

There is one more thing. System Creator is an interesting and convincing program. But its result instills excessive self-confidence in a person. All these numbers, equity charts, etc. create the illusion of a perfectly working trading system, but in practice, all strategies created with its help need to be improved.

In the last part of this series of reviews on System Creator, you will learn about its additional features.


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