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Konstantin Boykachev

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Review of the tester for MT4 FX Blue. Part 1 (Description of characteristics and setting)


Fx blue

In the last 3-part review, we examined the capabilities of the Forex Simulator manual strategy tester. FX Blue is another version of the simulator for testing manual trading systems with some of its strengths. Which tester is better and more convenient? Only you can answer this question yourself, having evaluated the advantages of each of them.

FX Blue – analysis of the effectiveness of a trading system using technical tools

The FX Blue simulator is a separate program developed for MT4 and installed in the platform as trading advisors. Tester features:

  • Possibility to place market orders and Buy / Stop Limit orders.
  • The ability to trade (test the system) at different time intervals on several windows.
  • The ability to work with a fixed and dynamic lot.

And another useful function of FX Blue is testing strategies using channel indicators. Here you can place unique orders (there are no such orders either in MT4 or in other simulators), which close the deal at the moment of touching the channel boundaries or fixed levels. You will see the rest of the program’s features along the way.

Installing FX Blue

With the installation, the developers were too smart. There is a version on the forums that in this way the creators of the tester accumulate traders’ data. Although the program does not ask for much personal data, the process of starting the tester will take at least 20-30 minutes. You can’t just download and install the tester.

  • Important! Do not want to waste time on registration, but want to get acquainted with the tester – we are ready to send you a free instruction on the program in .pdf format. The instruction will help you get a general idea of ​​the program’s capabilities, but there is a problem – it is in English. Well, to get acquainted with FX Blue live, you need to follow these steps.

Step 1… We go to the site of the developer who supports the tester – www.fxblue.com. Register on it and go through verification. Verification involves entering an email, login and password, which will later be needed when starting the tester. Although the site is in English, there are no problems with registration even for those who hardly speak the language. But we recommend entering all data only in Latin.

Step 2… In one of the registration windows, enter the phone number. At the end of registration, an SMS will be sent to it with a mailbox address. If the SMS did not come, the registration failed.

Step 3… We check the mail specified during registration. A confirmation email will be sent to it. From our mail to the address indicated in the SMS, we send any message in any language. For example: “Thank you FxCash for getting to know the FX Blue tester.” In response, a letter should come with the following message:

FX Blue-1

This means that the question is completed with the registration. Let us briefly repeat the algorithm again:

  • On the FX Blue website, register by entering your mail and phone number.
  • Receive an SMS with an email address.
  • From the mail indicated during registration, send any letter to the address indicated in the SMS.

Upon completion of registration on the developer’s website, access to a free download of the tester’s archive opens.

Preparing to launch FX Blue

You cannot simply drag the tester from the Navigator onto the chart. The program runs through the built-in MT4 tester. We call it in the platform via View / Strategy Tester and in the tester’s working window, instead of the name of the Expert Advisor, select the FX Blue marking.

Continued in the next part.


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