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Konstantin Boykachev

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Review of the trading system “Golden Classic”


golden classic

Trading system “Golden Classic”, another measured version of the trading system from our partner, broker Forex Club. No super profits, a flat deposit curve, a testing period of more than a year and an income of 20-25% per annum – all this is a reason to get to know this strategy better.

Trading system “Golden Classic” – making money on fluctuations in gold

“Golden Classic” is an effective combination of a delicate balance of traditional methods of technical analysis and fundamental factors. The strategy is based on using gold volatility and entering the market on a strong trend. On the basis of graphical analysis, local highs and lows are determined, the probability of a breakdown of support and resistance levels is estimated, and based on the location of the peak values ​​relative to each other, a decision is made to enter the market. The detailed mechanism of the “Golden Classic” and the indicators used are not disclosed, but it is known that the strategy works perfectly on a trending rising and falling market. In a flat, the system does not open a deal.

The system plays out the news best of all, because market entries are relatively rare – 2-3 positions per week, which do not stay in the market for a long time. It is not recommended to work on correlated metals, the ideal platform is MT4, the maximum risk per trade is 1.5%.

Actual performance of the “Golden Classic” system:

  • profitability for the entire period of existence (14 months) – 35.4%, income for the year – 23.3%;
  • income for the last quarter – 7.5%, income for the last month – 4.4%;
  • maximum drawdown level – 10.6%;
  • the number of transactions for the entire period of the system – 92.

The actual results, albeit insignificantly, exceed the planned indicators that the system showed at the time of testing. The target profitability included in the system is 25% per year, the maximum drawdown is 15%. To control the trading system, it is enough to track the results of work 1-2 times a day.

  • Important! If in the process of trading there are visible deviations from the planned indicators in relation to the level of drawdown or loss, stop trading and contact the creator of the system Yuri Mironov for free advice (experience in Forex – 9 years).

To get the system, you need to replenish your trading account with 5 thousand dollars. USA or become a subscriber of the Forex Club online store. A free demo version of the “Golden Classic” system is available for 1 month. Also, along with the system, you receive regular reviews from the author of the strategy and regular distribution of signals from the automatic distribution system Subscriber for MT4.

Summary… The “Golden Classic” trading system is a conservative tool for all Forex Club traders. A testing period of 1 year and another year of real trading is a vivid evidence that the strategy is working and profitable. Contact the author for detailed information about the statement, analyze the tactics and save on the return of the spread together with the rebate service FxCash!

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