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SlalOM Trading System Review |


slalom system

It can take 6-12 months to create and test your own trading system. It is important to create not only a working mechanism, but to determine the degree of maximum drawdown and profit, the ratio of profitable and unprofitable trades, the number of unprofitable trades in a row, etc. For those who do not have the time or experience for such work, the partner of the FxCash rebate service, the Forex Club broker offers to invest in the ready-made trading system of the company’s professional analysts – the SlalOM system

Trading system SlalOM: quiet income for the whole year

The author of the SlalOM trading system, launched in February 2016, is Forex Club analyst Mikhail Oleksishin (according to the site), a trader with more than 8 years of experience. The system itself was created even earlier, but the test results were freely available only for the last year. However, this is enough for correct conclusions.

The effectiveness of the SlalOM system:

  • profitability for the year – 20.3%, profitability from February 15, 2016 to April 2017 – 25.4%;
  • average performance for the last quarter: – 6.7% (seasonal drawdown), profit for March – 1.7%;
  • the number of completed transactions for the entire period – 156 (12-15 open positions per month);
  • maximum yield – 345.8% (on the fundamental factor);
  • the maximum drawdown for several positions is 15.1%.

The principle of the trading system is not disclosed in detail. We only know that it is based on the trading approach of Bill Williams and the Turtle system using the Price Channel indicator. The SlalOM system is a trend system using the position reversal method, which implies an almost constant presence in the market. The risk management includes a target profitability of 60% with a maximum drawdown of 35%. Despite the fact that the goal was not achieved, the real drawdown was 2 times less.

System trading conditions:

  • the minimum deposit amount is 5,000 dollars. USA (recommended – from 30 thousand US dollars);
  • trading is carried out on the GBP / JPY currency pair;
  • timeframe – H1;
  • the maximum risk per trade is 1.5%.

How to become an investor:

  • issue a one-time access for free testing of the system for 2 weeks;
  • replenish the deposit for 5000 dollars. USA;
  • subscribe to the broker’s services in his online store.

After accessing the system, you can get any advice from its author. And it is especially recommended to do this if the trading results go beyond the planned indicators.

Summary… Judging by the backtest, the SlalOM trading system is a cross between a conservative and a moderate strategy. Despite the fact that a drawdown of 15% is considered quite large, a long testing period and an income of 20% per year can be called optimal. Specially replenish the deposit for 5000 dollars. We do not see any sense in the USA, but if you are already working with Forex Club, then why not try to make money? We are sure you will draw the right conclusions!


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