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Konstantin Boykachev

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The daily review of EUR / USD as of August 2, 2018. Ichimoku Indicator

August 2, 2018 Analytics




The failure of the bulls gave a new chance to the bears. Will they be able to leave the zone of uncertainty and weekly consolidation this time? A way to understand this and get rid of the attraction, led by a week-long Tenkan (1.1680) and a daytime cross, the old one, you need to update the minimum extremes (1.1575 – 1.1508) and secure securing outside the weekly cloud (Senkou Span B 1.1515).


At the moment, the pair went down to support the daytime Fibo Kijun (1.1628) and once again worked out the target for the breakdown of the H1 cloud (1.1619). On this current task can be considered completed, as a result of possible braking and a new rise to the center of attraction (1.1680). But if the players on the slide now want to achieve more, then they have a downside target for the breakdown of the cloud of H4 and the update of the minimum 1.1575. Further plans in this situation will be related to the area 1,1508-15 (minimum extremum + week Senkou Span B).

Indicator parameters:

All time intervals 9 – 26 – 52

The color of indicator lines:

Tenkan (short-term trend) – red,

Kijun (medium-term trend) – green,

Fibo Kijun is a green dotted line,

Chinkou is gray,

Clouds: Senkou Span B (SSB, long-term trend) – blue,

Senkou Span A (SSA) – pink.

The color of additional lines:

Support and resistance MN – blue, W1 – green, D1 – red, H4 – pink, H1 – gray,

Horizontal levels (not Ichimoku) – brown,

Trend lines – purple.

The material has been provided by InstaForex Company – www.instaforex.com


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